Ethics Training Test 2

Each laboratory will be given 30 days to complete the course and email the online test to NYAAEL. Each test will be graded and if a passing grade is achieved, a certificate will be sent by return mail.

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Please read each question thoroughly before selecting the correct answer. There are 15 questions to complete to receive credit for completion of this course.

1. What does ethics mean?

2. What is considered fraudulent in the laboratory?

3. What are examples of unethical behavior in the laboratory?

4. Resetting the _________ on an instrument to make it appear that a sample(s) was analyzed within a specified holding time when in fact it was not is called_____________.

5. Gary Plotts witnessed his fellow employee add his signature to the data record, but realized that someone else had done the actual procedure. Gary Plotts thought that if he told on his fellow employee he could get into trouble. What type of unethical behavior did Gary Plotts and his fellow employee commit?

6. What is the definition of juicing?

7. What is a possible repercussion of fraud?

8. Lost time, money, and lost data are examples of ____________.

9. What is an example of how to monitor fraud?

10. Who has to take Ethics Training annually?

11. True or false. The intentional act of deceit that may result in legal prosecution is fraud.

12. True or false. Criminal implications are an example of repercussions of fraud.

13. True or false. Each employee is responsible for reporting findings that will impact quality of data. This includes the actions of fellow employees.

14. Unethical actions should be reported to __________________.

15. Unethical actions may result in ____ and/or _______.