Ethics Training Test 3

Each laboratory will be given 30 days to complete the course and email the online test to NYAAEL. Each test will be graded and if a passing grade is achieved, a certificate will be sent by return mail.

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1. Integrity is:

2. Ethics is the basic system of rights and wrongs, and integrity is our ability to adhere to that ethical system.

3. Fraud is:

4. When you are following the correct practices and procedures and you make an error during that process, you are making a mistake.

5. Good habits do not include

6. Other good habits include all of the following except:

7. Fraud occurs in all of the following except:

8. Different types of fraud include all of the following except:

9. How do we monitor data integrity?

10. Peak Integration is not the process used by chromatographic software to determine peak area or height used for quantitation...

11. What is software integration?

12. "Manual Integration" is the process employed by the data user to integrate peak height or area by manually setting the baseline using chromatographic software.

13. Manual integration is a perfectly acceptable and expected procedure to be performed on chromatographic data that has not been integrated appropriately using the software’s automatic integration procedures:

14. Manual Integration includes

15. Basic recordkeeping does not include:

16. Examples of Data Review: